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The Travel Solution you didn’t know you needed.

What Are Travel Shoe Covers?

Travel Shoe Cover’s are a affordable  eco-friendly solution to transporting your footwear. 

Made from Dintex which is a durable fabric that is waterproof and windproof and still maintains breathability. Dintex is strong material that has the ability to stretch.

Easy and effective cover that fits over your footwear.

The reusable, washable travel solution you didn’t know you needed.

Travel Shoe Covers are designed and made in Canada.


Easy to use going through airport security to protect your socks and feet from germs and dirt.


Protect home interiors from dirty footwear and prevention of scratching floors.


Protect the interior and contents by containing dirt and other contaminates.



More time to travel by protecting the inside of your vehicle from dirt and grime.



Travel Shoe Cover’s unique design protects your belongings using Dintex. A light weight material that provides a water resistance barrier.


"I live my life out of a beautiful brown leather bag. It holds my clothes, boots and all of my precious things. I had a hard time keeping the backcountry dirt out from my boardroom whites. That was until I tried Travel Shoe Covers. These simple little beauties kept my gear neat, clean and tidy! They changed the way I travel! No more mess and no more worries!"

Lucas Smith


Founder and CEO of Walk On Blister Protection.

I love my Travel Shoe Covers. It’s the best thing!NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS FOR MY SHOES. I purchased the grey colour so I easily find them in my suitcase. I just love the ease in which I get to pack my shoes... If you are traveling these Travel Shoe Covers are the BEST!

Jean Roberts

Author of Secrets of an Island Girl


As a pleasure and business traveller I developed the travel shoe cover to assist traveller’s to simplify their travel packing, most importantly a light weight , easy and environmentally friendly product. Over the past years, it has become versatile for home use - service providers such as realtors, carpet cleaners, communication technicians to mention a few, auto storage and sports bags for transporting and airport security. Our product is made in Canada. We know you will be agree this a product you think you did not need but are thrilled you have it.

Founder of Travel Shoe Covers,

Barbara Kosterski

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